Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My new cooking toy ~~ playbear electric lunch box

Actually , I bought this new cooking toy for about 2 weeks already. Today is is the first day that I attempted to use it. Reason on buying it is because my thermo flask which has been serving me throughout my uni years is no longer able to keep food warm.

It is pretty simple to use just that the manual is in chinese. If your chinese is not good, you can try to get someone to translate for you. I attempted to cook the rice and the steam egg as per the instruction manual.

The rice is cooked just like in normal rice cooker. As for the steamed egg, it is pretty hard to wash off the stains even putting some oil on it. However, I am quite happy with this buy. I am looking forward to cooking more healthier meals at sch when i am studying during exams  with all the food pre- packed in it . Just go to sch to steam it.

**Note: please do not follow the manual to cook 150g of rice. Cos it can be taken in by 2 person.

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