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Food Review of Maggie Thai Chinese Restaurant at 1 Liang Seah Street

I am glad that I have been invited to this food review for Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant recently. The hospitable Ms Maggie made me and fellow bloggers so at home as she shared with us the history of Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant and a little about Liang Seah Street where no one knows.

History of Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant
Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant has been established since 1998. It was conveniently located at the heart of the city, only minutes away from Bugis Junctions .
Maggie started her first Thai food stall at Queen Street hawker centre. It soon became a famous eatery outlet. Customers packed up in an endless queue at busy hours. Encouraged by customers, Maggie and her family decided to move the business to Liang Seah Street in 1998 starting with only one shop unit. Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant was established since there. Years later, it was expended to two shop units. Despite the high rent of the city central area, Maggie insists to provide “cheap and good” food for loyal customers. 

Accolades won over the years by Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant
Upon arrival at the shop, one can see the decorations on  the walls via painting and the big sign board of their specialities.

Ms Maggie's hubby's collections~~~unique right

Here comes the actual food review of the food that Ms Maggie prepared for us

Thai Steamed Grouper
For me, this dish does not struck a chord with my taste buds even though I am someone who loves sour stuff. Perhaps, it was due to that the fish seems to be fresh water fish and not sea water fish. However, the sauce that was used to steam this fish was pretty good. The meat was very tender.
Rating of this dish is 3/5
Assam Fish
This dish is really appetising . The sauce when pour onto plain rice was so appetising that one could have a few bowls of rice if not controlled. The brinjal that was cook to just nice for its softness and lady fingers were well cooked that it was crunchy and yet not slimy. The fish meat was not filmsy at all and could taste the freshnesss of the fish. Ms Maggie also told us tat she used all the fresh ingredients daily from the wholesalers instead of the frozen ingredients.
Rating for this dish is 5/5
Salted egg prawns
What I liked about this dish is that the prawn is not heavily coated with flour when fried before stir frying with the salted egg .
Rating for this dish is 3.5/5

Cereal Prawns
As for this dish which I usually get to eat it at home, I feel that this dish is a bit not on par with my home standard. Perhaps it was the lack of the chilli padi in the cereal mix and the buttery taste.
Rating for this dish is 2.5/5 

Red Curry Beef
This dish though named red curry beef is not exactly spicy and the meat is really tender . I wonder if they have added any meat tenderizer. It kinds of melt in the mouth that kind of feeling.
Rating of this dish is 5/5
Thai Fried Grouper
The fish was deep fried till it was so crunchy and the sauce that was with it could not be more than awesome. 
Rating of this dish is 5/5.

Butter squid
This is one of the signature dishes in Maggi Thai. It does not taste like calamari cos it feels very qq and not a lot of batter was being added to fry. You are supposed to dip it with either the sweet thai chill sauce or mayonaise sauce to eat.
Rating of this dish is 5/5
There are also a lot of other items which are available for lunch time special. So people who is working around the gateway west or gateway east you guys can go and try.
Lunch Time Special Menu would be Black pepper udon noodles, Taiwan dry minced meat mee tai mak,  Thai mango fried chicken rice, Hong Kong style orange fried chicken rice, fried hokkien mee, Thai prawn paste chicken rice. This is solely applicable at the Liang Seah Street outlet.
For those working at the west, you may wan to head down to their food court outlet store for the cravings at  50 Jurong Gateway Road, Jem Food Court, #05-14 Singapore 608549
Address of the 2 outlets of Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant
(Main Outlet)
1 Liang Seah Street, #01-01/02
Singapore 189022

(2nd Outlet)
50 Jurong Gateway Road,
Jem Food Court, #05-14
Singapore 608549
For more info, please visit their website Do remember to make reservation on the weekends if u are heading down there.
Last but not least , I would like to thank Maggie for her generousity to treating us the bloggers for wonderful food and also street directory for arranging this event
*** Disclaimer: all the opinions of the food are of my own personal opinions.*****
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