Saturday, June 11, 2016

My current favourite side dish- black fungus with slight spicy sauce

Today I was supposed to attend the global wellness day at RWS. However , I was feeling a bit feverish and tired.I decided to get some rest. After resting for almost one whole day,I felt a bit better. I decided to make black fungus with slight spicy sauce.

Recently, I have been crazing for this dish most of the time during dinner time. It is so simple and i just managed to learn from someone else.

Why I decided to cook this dish is because that it has the following benefits.

The benefits are:

  • lower cholesterol
  • improve blood circulation
  • help people with the dry throat


Small black fungus- soak and blanched in boiling water and drain dry.
1 teaspoon of vinegar
1 clove of mince garlic- chopped finely
3 sticks of the coriander leaves chopped finely
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoon of light soya sauce
1 teaspoon of sesame oil 
1.5 desert spoon of Lao gan ma chilli oil

Mix the sauces together with the black fungus after draining the black fungus. Leave it for a while and then eat .

Monday, May 30, 2016

Steam fish with light soya sauce


1 sutchi fillet
3 slices of ginger shreds
2 chilli padi
1cm of water in pot
light soya sauce
a pinch of salt

Recently, i tried to prepare this simple and fuss free steam fish dish.

I first cut the sutchi fillet into half.

Next , I rub some salt onto the fish. I will also start to boil about 1 cm of water in the pot.

Once water is boil , put the fish in with the ginger shreds, chilli padi and also the light soya sauce to cover the water and boil for about 15 mins.

Serve hot with rice.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Review of Spicy Thai Cafe @ Blk 115 Aljunied

On March 25 2016, I was invited by my blogger friend to accompany her to the food tasting of spicy thai cafe's menu. It was held on Good Friday. What a way to celebrate Good Friday.

Spicy thai cafe serves a wide variety of thai dishes which could be found on their website  Spicy Thai Cafe Menu. For this food tasting, we had a variety of nine dishes. These 9 dishes are tom yum seafood fried rice, thai style curry crab, deep fried kang kong, with special thai sauce, fish maw crab meat abalone soup in coconut, deep fried sea bass with mango salad , bbq japanese squid with roe, bbq pork belly and stir fried basil, minced chicken and long beans,stir fry crab meat with bean sprouts.

Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice -$6

This is a one-off occasion where the fried rice is put into the mould of the heart shape. For a single portion, it is not done in this manner, Good for those who are considering to do proposal via food.
Stir fry fish maw, crab meat with beansprouts-$18

Seriously, I did not even taste that there were crab meat or fish maw in this dish. I have to be honest about that. Nothing fanciful about this dish to be exact.
Deep fried sea bass with mango salad.- Seasonal pricing

This sea bass was deep fried till crispy and when you dip the fish into the sauce of the mango salad, a hint of the sour factor makes it refreshing.
Thai style curry crab- Seasonal pricing

To be exact, I dun really fancy this dish when it turns cold. This dish was served hot . However, due to the photo taking of the bloggers, it turned cold. The eggy taste actually overpowers the thai spices or curry flavour.

This fish maw soup with crab meat and mini abalone in coconut was the best of the night. It has a very rich and flavourful taste . However, a bit salty to my liking. It cost $28 dollars.

What i write is based on my own opinions and taste might want to go and check it out yourself... 

To get there, you might want to take bus 80 from aljunied mrt station. Have a good rest and a good meal on labour day.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Review of Kungfu Panda 3

I decided to watch Kungfu Panda 3 impromptu after a day of hard work. This is my me time reward cos I really need a laugh to relax. After searching for a few cinemas, I decided to watch it at the one nearest to my home. A money saving tip: watch it on Tuesday . If you want more space to sit in the event of disturbance from other cinema goers, do go for morning shows.

Kungfu Panda has some Tao elements in the show. I found that the best part of the show is that when Kungfu Panda Po manage to be able to teach others how to learn kungfu. Po was hesitant on being a teacher when his teacher decided that he has to teach his peers kungfu.

Most importantly, I guess the ability to be able to grasp on knowing that each one of us has to focus on our own strengths and not weakness and master it. Without that, we are not able to radiate out the light as in our sphere of influence to tell others that we are excelling in this area. I guess this was my biggest takeaway from this show.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Media Invite: 2nd Visit to Alive Museum

This is my second visit to Alive Museum, grateful for this invite from Alive Museum again.

This round, I brought my little friend along with me. Her name is Janice. 

This is me doing my ballerina warm up

Having fun at the hip hop arena

This one reminds me of the ah do gen from the street fighter scene.

The next series of pictures are very appropriate for the month of February which is in line for valentine's day or proposal.  Just coincidentally, this year 人日 also fall on valentine's day.
First , we have love in the air 
Next, will it be a date at the park sitting on the bench?

For those who have been dating a long time , you might want to start your proposal here.

Guys out there might first save some money if they were to propose at this scene.

Lastly, the wedding night if it is to be held on valentine's day.

If you do not have much program during the chinese new year, just head on to the alive museum at suntec city.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Braised Celery - Healthy living

This dish I tried it out after googling from However, I did a tweak to the recipe.


1 bunch of celery that is cut in 4-inch pieces
1/2 a piece of the chicken cube
10g of butter ( I used the scs those is pre packed form)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
1 bowl of water
1 tablespoon of parsely

1.  Melt the butter

2. Arrange the celery in the skillet  and season it with salt and pepper.

3.Dissolve the chicken cube and pour the water in to boil

4.Cover the pot and bring it to boil over medium high heat.

5. Once the water boils, simmer it on low heat for half an hour.