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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Death of MM Lee Kuan Yew

Though this is the mourning period for MM Lee , I thought of one thing which is to celebrate that he no longer has to suffer . It was a painful thought to know that he died . However, he did not live his life in vain.

For someone who put us the small red dot onto the world map , living his life for the fellow countrymen. I have nothing but extreme gratitude to him. There might be people saying that he is autocratic in the past. For sure , he is not one. Just that he had to be decisive in all matters. In comparison to Hitler, I guess MM Lee is much more well loved and well respected.

I just want to express my deepest gratitude for MM Lee for making Singapore so successful. Hoping that the young leaders whom he might have picked up for training to make Singapore more successful , are able to bring Singapore to greater heights.

There are also people showing the black ribbon with the design with MM Lee's face on facebook. I wonder if we could make it into a badge for all true Singaporeans to wear on the day of his funeral.

MM Lee please rest in peace