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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recent blog post which the blogger roy got into a law suit

Sometimes I wonder if blogging about politics is a taboo or what. I would feel that blogging about politics need a sense of justice to be aired and also that hoping the government would start to understand how citizens are feeling.

In the recent blog post which the blogger roy posted about the politics, he was issued with a letter. To a certain extent , there are really some hard truth reality but what matters most is that the government would not be corrupted. That's my prayer....

Seriously, at times I would really feel anguish on all the policies that are more catered to the high earning people. How would the ministers feel if they are supposed to probably live on 1.5k a month to feed a family of 5 ? I mean seriously even the welfare might not be enough to help them. Have any of our ministers really tried living out the normal citizens lifestyle? No doubt there are policies to help the elderly or so called pioneer generation . What about the sandwich generation ? Sandwich generation is those who are young parents and need to feed their kids and support their parents. The pioneer package cannot help a lot for the sandwich generation as there are many daily necessities to pay off . For e.g. 2 meals a day outside would cost a person about $15. How to cook at home when there is no time for cooking?

Seriously, I would rather say since some of our ministers for some reasons are already directors of some companies getting directorship. Would they really work for free to serve the country for certain months?

I would just hope that all governments in the world to be fair and just in their ruling and no more corruption in the world.