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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Gelato Review at Mischiefous in Tampines

I did this review with one of my long lost chat friend, Arifin before I went on my impromptu Malacca road trip. It certainly feels good to catch up with long lost friend to do some catch up.

Mischiefous is a Homemade Gelato shop that is located at Blk 801 ,#01-261, tampines ave 4

Free reign drawing by some of the customers at Mischiefous

The range of ice cream offered at Mischiefous

Side view of the range of 20 flavours ice cream!!!

Normal Choco pepper mint

Taste like choco banana fudge

Taste like the normal Vanilla

Too rich in the Baileys ...not to my liking but was to my friend's arifin's taste buds

Taste too much liquor in it ..not to suitable for kids

 Pistachio - not that smooth still got the edgy taste

 Rich in its flavour

Ferrero rocher- taste like the real one


Highly recommended by staff for hot weather , lime sorbet 

Salted caramel - My favourite

Durian- one of the best sellers in the shop




Dragon fruit sorbet - My favourite too

Food Creations by the staff

I wanted to try this cup of cappucino in the beginning . However since the coffee art done by the staff was so nice  I decided to let the boss take the chance to drink the coffee whereas I opted for affogato.
The boss even complimented his staff for perfecting the art as compared to the initial stage where Mischievous first started.  I really feel happy cos this is where positive and happy working relationships are there to last .

As for affogato, it was my first try. It was made up of ice cream with a strong brew of coffee, simply can be renamed to be coffee float in local context.


                       First time seeing a shop using air fryer to fry fries and nuggets~kudos to them

Must try !!!

                             Waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream - pistachio and salted caramel

This is my favourite for this review. The salted caramel ice cream is really nice. However, this is the first time i am trying out this flavour have yet to compare it with other shops like island creamy at serene centre . As the pistachio flavor ice cream , it is not as smooth as what  I have tried at Artisan Gelato or at Shloops at my church.

                                         various sizes for you to buy the ice cream home

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Yi Quan of Mischeifous and street directory for arranging me to do this review.

****Disclaimer: All the opinions are real as to what I felt during the review .