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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mobile app that works on the idea of share economy- Sharekool

A few posts earlier I mentioned about this idea called share economy. Basically, what share economy is doing is to get rid of the white elephants in our homes to get back some return of investment when we are not using like the camping tent, the big tumbler for putting water for chalets and etc...

I was being invited by street directory to attend this mobile app launch at mint toy musem a few weeks back. Prior to that I had no idea where the mint toy musem was, it was because of this event I managed to get a look of the mint toy musem.

This mobile app which is called Share Kool is created by Egalite Marketing Pte Ltd aims to create a platform for all to perform transactions like sharing of unused items to be rented out to get some form of return of investment back, advertisements, getting some errands run with a minimal amount of money.

Here's a picture of how Share Kool looks like: 

What you can do at ShareKool:

Sh@reAds: Read advertising and promotional emails send to the Account.
Sh@reVid: Watch advertising and promotional videos via the Accounts.
Sh@reMe: Provide or Take up any specialize skills, services, task or jobs
Sh@reUse: By Renting out or co-share the free space or equipment.

By referring this cool app to your family members and friends, you get to have a chance to win an ipad mini before 30.12.13 and vouchers from capital land.

How to get kick start :
  • Simply sign up (for free) at ShareKool:
  • Download the free mobile app at Google PlayStore or Apple Itunes Stores.
  • There will be 1 lucky draw chances for every successful sign-up. Do note that eachmobile phone no can only signed up once.
please remember like ShareKool Facebook :  for more Promotions and Applications Updates.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Share economy - Have u heard about it ?

As we all enjoy shopping,all the items we buy night end up being a white elephant for quite sometime in the store room. Thus, there is wastage of space and there is no return of investment of those white elephants.

What share economy does is to help us to save money and also get back some return of investment from our purchase. Here's a video to educate all about share economy.

Are you willing to be part of the share economy ? Wait for my next posting to see how u can benefit from a handphone application and earn some cash vouchers