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Friday, June 12, 2015

Introducing one of my weekly routine for skin care

Just to share with you people out there, my skin type is those that is of combination skin type.

For me, my combination skin type is outer surface seems dry but underneath the skin is those that is of the oily skin type. This means that I would always have to unclog my pores quite regularly else blackheads and white heads would be popping every now and then.

I loved to use the face lift mask from Nuskin to help me to get rid of the white heads and black heads weekly. 

Me doing my unclogging the pores session( paiseh on the ugly me)

There is a technique to lift up the so called mask sheet in order not to cause ur skin to sag, you have to lift it up in the upwards direction or else the skin will sag. This goes to using any other brands of paper mask.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Give away ~~a skin analysis

Have you done a check on your skin condition before?

Skin, being the largest organ throughout our entire body can be neglected by us. No doubt for ladies, we might tend to ply on tons of skin care. There is also tendency that our skin where our skin might be dehydrated.

Today I was being blessed with  two tickets by my friend on doing a deep skin analysis which can help to see on the skin's evenness and also the size of the pores. It is called the visia scan analysis. I am planning to do it on either on the 6th or 7th of February 2015 as I am keen to know how to protect my skin further.  There are limited slots for it on each day.  I will be giving away one ticket away for my readers who would like to participate in this with me.

Here's some of the images that I found with the courtesy from


Seems that the scan is pretty comprehensive. I shall see my results on the day when I do my analysis.
I wonder how my results would be like when I do the analysis.

To participate in this free giveaway,please do share my facebook page Secretbeauty with others and like my page with your email address in the comments. The winner would be notified by 5th of February 2015 by 8pm .


Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty Website that I stumbled upon

In the search for a good hair stylist for cutting curly hair, I stumbled upon this website called It works on the concept like just that it has got some points system on going where you could use it to offset your booking fee at the certain salons or spas that you are going to.

I guess the most beneficial thing from this website is the honest reviews from people who really go and try it on personal experience. It is really not based on bloggers' reviews or whatsoever. Even though I am a blogger, I would really only blog on what I experience personally.

There's something that I would like to share on for Chinese New Year. As you all know usually Chinese new year period hair salons would usually increased price. From, here are 9 hair salons that do not have the surcharge on CNY period.

                                          99% Hair Studio

                                          Chapter 2 at marina square

                                          Hairloom( shaw towers)
                                           Headlines Hairdressing(china square central) 

                                          J's Hair Salon

                                          Koinonia Salon (Pacific Plaza)

                                          Monsoon Hair House (Velocity @Novena Square)

                                          Salon Vim

                                          Zinc Salon

 You might want to consider using my referral link to get yourself  to visit the website.  Here's the link : . Hope this helps for those who are not celebrating Chinese new year this year.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Learn how to make your own diy souffle foundation this sat from 1 -3pm.

There are many types of makeup foundations in the market. The various types are  liquid, cream tinted moisturizer, oil based, sheer, powder, mousse ,shimmer, waterproof, stick and mineral .

Souffle foundation is considered to be under the mousse like kind foundation. In this kind of foundation, it is literary liquid make up with air being whipped in the foundation. It is suitable for all skin types . Even oily skin can use it as it can offer a perfect matte finish and weightless feel.

In this workshop on learning how to make the diy soufflé foundation, you get to learn on your own skin type and also customized your soufflé foundation according to your skin type with anti aging. This workshop requires you to bring your own foundation, sunblock and some other special ingredients. Else you might want to take up my special package.

For more information about this workshop, please email me at

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review of Nuskin clay pack mask

This mask, clay pack  has got to be one of my favourite mask when i have my monthly breakout due to pms. I will usually apply a thin layer of it every night  and wash it off the next morning. I will  apply on those acne to reduce the reddishness  daily until the redness goes off .

So for anyone of you out there who is suffering breakout during pms, you might want to check out this mask.

Benefits of clay pack
  • Deep-cleanses the face and creates a clearer, more refined appearance
  • Imparts a smoother, softer feel to the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, luxuriously supple and never dried out
  • Aids in your skin's natural exfoliation process by removing dead skin cells, leaving skin with a refreshed, thoroughly cleansed feeling
  • 100% Fragrance Free
  • Safety-Allergy-Dermatologist Tested

  • If you need any discount to get this mask , do let me know. I can help you to get it at a cheaper price.

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    All About Open Pores , Clogged Pores.

    The follicle leads from within the skin to the surface of the skin and may contain a hair within it.The “hole” on the surface of the skin through which the hair emerges is the “pore” and oil flows on to the skin surface through this pore. Pores do not have doors that “open” and “close”,but this is a descriptive way of describing how they work.The diameter of the tubule forms the pore and when the tubule dilates(widens) it gives the impression of being wide open.When the tubule contracts,it gives the impression of tightening and “closing”.The excessive production of oil and its flow causes the oil glands to enlarge and cause an enlargement of the tubule which in turn causes the pore to appear larger and crater like.This causes the skin to look and feel coarse and thick in texture.

    Since the size of your pores is inherited,it cannot change.You can make them appear smaller by keeping them empty of plugs that are formed by the accumulation of sebum,dead skin cells and Bacteria, so that the oil can flow freely.Regular exfoliating can help keep the pores deep cleansed and empty.

    Clogged pores,Blackheads and Pimples.How to keep pores unblocked

    Under normal conditions,the sebum flows on to the surface of the skin freely and everything functions well.However,if for any reason the follicle or tubule through which the oil flows is blocked,this can lead to the pore getting clogged up,leading to a Blackhead and eventually spots and pimples.Accumulation of dead skin cells,oil and bacteria in the tubule leads to a sticky plug being formed and this causes accumulation of any further oil production which cannot flow on to the skin surface.This causes widening and enlargement of the tubule and so a large pore.The plug is black in colour due to the pigment Melanin found in the skin cells.It takes up to nine months before a blackhead appears on the surface of the skin.Blackheads are common on the face but can also be found on the back and chest.Excessive cleansing will not remove the blackhead once it has appeared.This is due to the fact that it is made of compacted dead skin cells,oil and Bacteria and deeply embedded in the follicle(tubule).

    It is not possible to dissolve or melt the blackhead with any product.It has to be physically removed or “pulled”out of the tubule.Some dermatologists will perform this procedure using special instruments,but it is advisable not to try pressing them out as this causes the plugs to enter deeper layers of the skin leading to inflammation and infection and eventually to spots and pimples. The best approach is to prevent the formation of blackheads in the first place by eliminating the causes.Examples: removing of sebum,dead skin cells and bacteria by daily washing and regular exfoliating. This is best achieved by using an effective peel-off face and body mask regularly to exfoliate and remove the source of blackhead forming material.

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    All About Acne

    What Is Acne ?

    Acne is a skin condition where our skin's oil glands produce too much sebum (an oily substance) that leads to clogged pores and outbreaks of lesions commly known as pimples or zits .Besides that, the rapid production of bacteria can also create acne . Acne lesions usually occur on the face,neck , back , chest and shoulders. Although it is not a serious health threat, severe acne can lead to permanent scarring , which may eventually impact on our lifestyle and quality of life.

    3 Stages Of The Acne

    Life Cycle Stage 1 : Acne begins when hair follicles are plugged up by sebum, causing cellls to clump and form a plug -this indicates the phase one of a blemish.

    Stage 2: Occurs when bacteria , which desire the air tight environment created by the plug , start feeding and breeding inside the pores.

    Stage 3 : When the body responds by sending white blood cells to fight these bacterial invaders, inflammation -small pink bumps , pimples, and sometimes nodules and cysts - commences. This inflammation results in scarring , dark marks, discolouration.

    On Treating Acne

    Unfortunately, acne is more than just a temporary concern . Acne is an inflammatory condition that can result in scarring and discolouration from past acne that eventually lead to a future acne. A total approach to fighting acne includes addressing issues presented by past , present and future acne :

    • Past Acne
    Treatment should address the effects of past acne , such as textural damage , hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. To diminish these remnant marks, powerful antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid is added as a free radical fighting ingredient to stimulate the skin's nutrient intake , promotiong healthy skin cell renewal and scarred tissue repair .

    • Present Acne
    Treatment should address the issues of present acne , such as redness , irritation , breakouts, oiliness, and black heads. This is accomplished by opening the pores and reducing bacteria , oil production, and inflammation . Ingredient such as Salicylic acid penetrates oily , enlarged pores to eliminate most blemishes. As for minimizing the redness associated with most blemish-prone skin , licorice extracts is excellent in soothing skin.
    • Future Acne
    An effective acne treatment program not only works to clear the signs of past and present breakouts, but also helps to ensure the future healthy look of your complexion . Other then keeping the skin clean to prevent oil build-up and future breakouts, the prevention of future acne breakouts,scarring , and inhibiting discolouration are also crucial . In the current markets, very few acne product address these concerns. To ensure the future health of the skin , active ingredients such as Hexapeptide-2 and Lactic acid are very effective . Hexapeptide-2 helps to reduce the potential development of dark spots while supporting the skin's natural resistance to the aging effects of environment . Lactic acid , a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) speeds up the skin's natural process of exofliation to remove excessive dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, clearer skin .