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Friday, July 01, 2011

Task complexity of the goal

Hi to u all guys out there, so how was it going out there for you guys in keeping in the committment of your goal? It had been a couple of months since i last wrote on the committment of the goal. Hope you guys had been keeping up with the committments of your own goal.

Now i am going to talk abt the task complexity of the goal. For those who have been having trouble in keeping the commitment of your own goal, perhaps this might be one of the aspect that you might want to look into.

Task complexity is defined as the level of difficulty in the task that u need to clear in order to complete your task. What are the tasks that you have assigned for yourself in terms of achieving your own goal? Was it a huge task that u have set for yourself and was not able to break it into smaller and individual task? Identify to the smallest individual level of component level for you to complete your task.

For example , spring cleaning the bedroom. What are the necessary things that are needed to help you complete your work? There are various way to complete it. Getting a part time helper or doing it yourself. If doing it yourself , what do u need? You would need vaccum cleaner or dust pan and broom , water , cloth, newspapers, glass cleaner and some time of rest . After that, it is up to you to ponder about on how to complete the task.