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Monday, May 30, 2016

Steam fish with light soya sauce


1 sutchi fillet
3 slices of ginger shreds
2 chilli padi
1cm of water in pot
light soya sauce
a pinch of salt

Recently, i tried to prepare this simple and fuss free steam fish dish.

I first cut the sutchi fillet into half.

Next , I rub some salt onto the fish. I will also start to boil about 1 cm of water in the pot.

Once water is boil , put the fish in with the ginger shreds, chilli padi and also the light soya sauce to cover the water and boil for about 15 mins.

Serve hot with rice.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Healthy Tofu Recipe

Hi all,

Today i am going to teach you how to cook a healthy and simple to cook tofu recipe.

This recipe is so simple to cook even teenagers can cook it on their own.

Let's take a look on the ingredients needed:

1) 1 piece of tofu ( must buy the steaming type)
2) 1 stalk of spring onion
3) 1-2 Chili ( based on personal preference)
4) 1 century egg
5) 1/2 dessertspoon of light soya sauce
6) Few drops of sesame oil

How to cook

Step 1: Steam the tofu
Step 2: Pour away the water
Step 3: Pour the tofu onto a plate and smash it
Step 4: Cut chilli, spring onion , century egg.
Step 5: Put century egg and mix with tofu
Step 6: Pour in the light soya sauce , pepper ,chili and spring onion to mix well
Step 7: Pour a few drops of sesame oil
Step 8: Ready to serve