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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Work stress -how do you deal with it ?

It is seen everywhere that everyone is stressed up either at work, school or even at home. So how do you deal with it ?

Talking about the topic of stress sometimes shudders us. However, stress in fact can be view as positive or negative depending on how you view it.  Stress management can be done at organizational level or individual level.

For a start, what kind of stress management activities does your organization organize to help you de-stress? Ponder a while....

Stress management at organizational level could be role analysis, quality circles, organizational mirror technique, stress audit, employee, assistance program and job and task redesign,

What is role analysis all about ? It is clarify the type of role that the individual is working on. At the end of the day , it is not more than the common job description that we see on advertisements for job.

Organizational mirror technique works a little like 360 degree feedback. You would see that the conflict of various work groups are being discussed between the various workgroups. Each workgroup would send a representative to discuss about the problematic inter-workgroup issues in a fishbowl. End product would be both group to sit down and discuss about the reforms.

Quality circles program is a specific type of participative management. It got a group of workers gather to brainstorm and give back into managerial decision making. This is put in place to enhance product quality and reduce cycle time, but it has the added effect of allowing workers to exert some control over their jobs.  According to demands-control theory, stressors cause less strain when workers have more control over the way they do their job.

These are the main three techniques which I felt could help an organization to reduce stress in the organization. Perhaps you might want to try it out with your team.

Hope that helps!