Saturday, April 02, 2016

Review of Kungfu Panda 3

I decided to watch Kungfu Panda 3 impromptu after a day of hard work. This is my me time reward cos I really need a laugh to relax. After searching for a few cinemas, I decided to watch it at the one nearest to my home. A money saving tip: watch it on Tuesday . If you want more space to sit in the event of disturbance from other cinema goers, do go for morning shows.

Kungfu Panda has some Tao elements in the show. I found that the best part of the show is that when Kungfu Panda Po manage to be able to teach others how to learn kungfu. Po was hesitant on being a teacher when his teacher decided that he has to teach his peers kungfu.

Most importantly, I guess the ability to be able to grasp on knowing that each one of us has to focus on our own strengths and not weakness and master it. Without that, we are not able to radiate out the light as in our sphere of influence to tell others that we are excelling in this area. I guess this was my biggest takeaway from this show.

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