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Friday, January 09, 2015

Fitness Matters -Standing Abs Exercise

I am hoping to stay committed to this exercise regime let's meet up if you are keen to motivate each other. Going through my weight loss with an app called Noom coach.
I  shall review my weight loss after 3 months.


Friday, January 02, 2015


This is something I would like to try out to make my new year resolution for fitness aspect. I shall try it for 3 months and tell you guys out that how I feel about it then.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butt Circuit Training

This butt circuit training aims to help people who are concerned on their butt shape so that they could have nice shape when wearing jeans , dress or skirt .

This circuit is built from four moves: squat toy soldiers, hip raises, plié pulses and stationary runs. The stationary runs are performed in between each of the three other moves, so your workout will look like this:
1. squat toy soldiers: 10 reps (right side + left side = 1 rep)
2. stationary runs: 20 reps (right leg + left leg = 1 rep)
3. hip raises: 50 reps
4. stationary runs: 20 reps
5. plié pulses: 20 reps
6. stationary runs: 20 reps

Squat toy soldiers:
Squat into toy soldiers
Stationary runs:

stationery runs

Hip raises:

Butt raises

Plié pulses:

Plie pulses

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Victoria secret's model ab workout

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I found this on the internet and I am wanting to start this work out by tomorrow as tonight I will be rushing through my assignment. I am looking forward to have an ab rather than chunky love handles. Being a cooking blogger also need to be beautiful as well :P. Hope that helps for ladies who are keen in finding out the victoria secret's model ab workout

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

joint exercise part 3- hip mobility exercise

Step 1- stand next to a chair or table ( something to help you hold balance) - sideways on, and hold the back of the chair with one hand .

Step 2- gently swing one leg forwards and backwareds in a smooth , slow pendulum type of movement for 10 times

Step 3- repeat the exercise with the other leg for a further 10 times.

This posting ends the joint exercise series ...hope you guys enjoyed it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Joint exercise part 2- ankle mobility exercise

Step 1 - while sitting or standing ( use a chair or table to balance) , lift one foot off the ground .

Step 2- rotate the lifted foot in a clock wise  direction 5 times, slowly and gently.

Step 3 repeat the roations in an anti clockwise direction

step 4 - swap over to stand on the other leg and repeat the exercise with other foot.

Though these exercises seems simple and no brainer...a lot of us have forgotten to do them in the pursuit of chasing the carrot..Take care of our body and it will in turn give us more benefits of having a healthy body

Friday, January 18, 2013

Joint exercise series part 1 -shoulder and arm mobility exercise

Hi all,

as we are all daily facing the computer to do our work , we constantly forget on how the importance of exercise in our daily lives. As such, I am going to introduce a 3 part series for joint exercise so that you guys out that can also benefit from it.

step 1 - while sitting or standing , slowly bring your finger tips towards your shoulders . In the event that you are unable to do it , just bring your arms up as far as you can.

step 2 - while touching your  shoulders, gently rotate your elbows in a clockwise motion for 5 times.

step 3-  repeat the exercise making the rotations in an anti clockwise direction .

step 4 - repeat both clock wise and anti clock wise rotations a further 2 times.